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The Shamanic Journey

Welcome to the free Shamanic Journey online class!

Are you ready to embark upon the sacred practice of the Shamanic Journey?  Whether you are new to the Shamanic Journey practice, or have been journeying for quite some time, the beautiful Shamanic ceremony and drumming session offered below is for anyone who desires to further their spiritual adventure and step into the space of Non-ordinary reality to retrieve deep healing and profound wisdom.

The Shamanic Journey begins with a sacred invocation ceremony that I performed before any journey.  This ceremony is comprised of eclectic spiritual elements of Native American tradition and the Tsalagi (Cherokee) language.  The following track is pure shamanic drumming that I have also performed, designed to take the listener upon their own Shamanic adventure into the psychic realms of Spirit.  The sound of the tingshaw bell is the indication for the listener that the journey is completed.

Journeying is a classic Shamanic technique that can be performed by anyone with a sincere desire to connect with Spirit and the ultimate depth of their own psyche.  Journeying enables us to send our awareness into the hidden realms of higher consciousness to connect with wisdom, receive healing and to discover information that can facilitate deeply profound personal growth.

The traditional Shamanic way of entering the world of Spirit, also known as non-ordinary reality, is through a steady rhythm of a hand-held frame drum and mallet, such as I have performed in this recording. This unique type of drumming encourages theta brain waves that induce the altered state of consciousness necessary to dive deep into the realm of Spirit.

The drum is a sacred tool and it has its own Spirit. It is used for journeying, healing and other energy work as well as singing and chanting (either to raise power or to have a good time!). The drum’s own Spirit can often be sensed while it is being played and people often report that they hear other sounds within the drumming such as music, chanting, animal sounds, and it often seems as if the drumming is coming from all around or from varying directions.

The drum has been referred to as “The Shaman’s Horse” as the Shaman/practitioner “rides” the rhythm to reach into the Spirit world.  The drum serves as a sacred lifeline, enabling the practitioner to find her way into non-ordinary consciousness and back to ordinary consciousness with ease. It can also be a timekeeper as the Spirit world exists outside of time and it is difficult to have any concept of time while you are there. For example, the fifteen minute journey offered in this recording may seem like hours.

In this recording, there is fifteen minutes of classic journey drumming, followed by what is referred to as “call back” drumming.  The classic drumming will stop, followed by a series of 7 slower beats that is repeated 4 times. This is the indication that the journey must now come to an end. What follows is one minute of classic drumming, but at a faster tempo, which helps the listener to return to ordinary consciousness.  Then there will be the final series of 7 slower beats, repeated 4 times.  This is when the listener should be fully back in their body, in ordinary consciousness.  Finally, the chime of the tingshaw bells signifies the completion of the journey and I follow with a few closing words.

Quite different from a guided meditation, a Shamanic Journey typically consists only of the sound of a beating drum.  Therefore, you must create the vision, and the experience.  This is a powerful practice in consciousness and aligning yourself with your own sacred Spirit.  Below is a basic journey practice.  Read through, and then play the recording and visualizing your experience.

If you are familiar with the Journey process, feel free to play this video at any time to begin your sacred adventure.  If you are new to journeying, read the sample journey I have provided below the video before listening to the recording.  Although this is a YouTube video, it is just a vessel.  The journey is an experience designed similarly to a meditation – listening is the key, not watching.  So make sure the next half-hour is free of interruptions and find a relaxing place to meditate.  I advise you to have water and a journal at hand for when your journey is finished.  You will want to drink some water to ground, and record your experience for future reference.  You are welcome to visit this page and journey as often as you like.  I welcome your questions and comments in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  Find out more about me and the work I do at melindarodriguez.com.

Basic Journey into the Lower World to meet with Animal Spirits

NOTE:  You will be using your ability to visualize during this process.  You create the vision and there are no limits, wrongs, or rights.  Some people have difficulty with visualization.  It is not necessarily necessary to visualize.  It is perfectly acceptable to feel this experience as well.  Even if you don’t “see” anything or any animals, the intent you set creates your experience and at the very least, you will have underwent a lovely healing.  Either way, keep practicing.  You can listen to this recording over and over again and journey as often as you like.  Anytime we are willing to invest our time, efforts and intent, there will be results.

The Lower World is a beautiful naturescape where the landscape is very much like the most stunning natural scenery you could imagine. Power Animals and Totems reside here and speak to you telepathically.  The advice you might receive is very earthy, practical and specific.

The animal(s) you meet here may or may not be your main Power Animal/Totem.  You must ask them, and they will tell you.  If they are, this is your main guide that will accompany you upon each and every journey you ever take subsequently.  Of course they are with you in ordinary reality as well and in time, with practice, you will be aware of their presence and guidance always.

In journeying into the lower world, as you begin your journey, start by creating a vision of the Earth under your body supporting you and taking your weight. Set your intent to simply have a joyful experience exploring the Lower World.  Next, think of somewhere that you have been in nature that that feels familiar and joyful; somewhere you feel completely connected to nature. Travel to this place using your imagination. Really feel that you are there; try and sense as much about the place as you can. Look around for a place where you can go down into the earth, such as a hole in the ground, an animal burrow, a hole in the roots of a tree, a well shaft…anywhere where you can go down.

Enter the hole and you will typically find yourself in a tunnel that goes downwards; it may be a slope or spiral or drip, but it will go down. You can run, walk, fly, and swim, anything you like. Make your way along the tunnel and out into the landscape of the Lower World. Make yourself a promise that you will accept everything you see and hear with an open heart and an open mind. Your critical mind can have its turn when you get back. Sometimes you may come out into a cave and you will find that you can move easily into the landscape.

Venture out into the landscape and notice as much as you can with your open heart and mind. Feel everything, see everything, notice yourself, who is there, what animals are there?  Telepathically communicate with any animal(s) present and ask if they have a message for you.  Know your angels walk with you, keeping you safe and protected.  Keep mentally restating your intention and enjoy yourself!

When you hear the call back drumming, you must start to make your way back. Retrace your path to the tunnel. You will find that you can float up or otherwise move back up the tunnel easily and you will come out into the place where you started. Really feel as if you are there, feel the ground underneath you, and then make your way back into your body and back into ordinary consciousness.

Welcome Back!  Record your journey experience in a journal as this can be a helpful way of remembering them.  It is also possible that something that may not have seemed significant at the time may be a useful piece of information to you at a later date.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I am happy to answer them.  By leaving them in the comments, they will most likely help others with the same questions.  You can also email me at melinda1@earthlink.net with your questions that you would prefer to ask privately.

Blessings to you upon your journey!




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