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For this week’s Wisdom Wednesday, I want to share an awesome post on a powerful subject that I’m very passionate about. On a spiritual path, and within a spiritual community there is a lot of positive talk, which is so incredibly valuable in its place. But there is often not enough space or opportunity to express our innate darkness, and this is where we can wind up in a downward spiral of unnecessary self judgment. We are here as a spiritual being in human form for a reason. The dark and the light within us both serve a very necessary purpose. As we evolve along our path, the goal is not so much to acquire some ascended level of enlightenment but rather to experience as much of our human selves as possible and transform those experiences into real life growth; growth that serves us in our every day life, in our work, with our families, in our communities rather than some sort of spiritual brownie button that we don as though we have graduated into the next level of spirituality, or even worse, spiritual superiority. So go grab a cup of something delicious, settle back and enjoy the read!

Mommy Mystic

“I try so hard to stay positive and be grateful, but I just keep falling into these despairing thoughts. I know this is why I keep getting sick.”

I recently heard this from someone I was working privately with and it really broke my heart. This is a woman who has worked for many years in therapy to overcome feelings of unworthiness and shame stemming from having been sexually abused as a child. She has made great strides, and has been exploring energy work as a way to continue and deepen her healing. Her journey has led her to many valuable teachings that have helped her to shift her thoughts towards the positive, and to manifest more love and beauty in her life.

But now, she felt she had hit a wall, and it was sending her back into feelings of self-blame. She blamed herself for not being positive enough…

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  1. Thank you so much for the reblog, and for adding your own wonderful insights Melinda.

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