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Authentic Beauty – Letting You Shine Through

I have a client who recently had an incredible breakthrough experience that has had a huge impact on her life.  I would like to share her revelation with you as a succulent dose of joyful inspiration that you can apply in your own healing journey.  This incredible woman has graciously given me permission to retell her encounter, but I’m going to change her name in this story because integrity tells me too.

Katie is a successful entrepreneur who lives in the Midwest and works from home most days.  She loves her small town life-style. She is also very passionate about her career, which has her traveling several times a month for meetings with clients and potential clients.  A few months ago Katie had to fly to Los Angeles to meet with a new client.  What occurred in this two day journey was a transformational shift that has brought more peace into Katie’s world than she could have ever imagined.

f37e571783468237a9dc7ff4dcda4140You see, even though Katie is a very attractive woman who carries herself with impeccability, she sometimes struggles with a debilitating poor self image stemming from some wounding in her youth.  She has worked diligently in her adulthood at healing this issue and has made incredible strides which have greatly enhanced her ability to reach the level of success she has, as well as augment her relationship with her husband of 22 years.  However, as a woman in her late 40’s, Katie is beginning to struggle with the unavoidable changes in her appearance due to age, which is triggering that old wounding.  She is finding herself feeling increasingly less confidant than she used too and is concerned that if left unhealed, could sabotage all the progress she has made in her beloved career as well as her relationship.  So Katie contacted me for a series of sessions to help her retrieve lost power, rebuild her confidence to accommodate graceful aging and step more fully into who her Shaman self as she embraces her authentic nature.

Katie is a profoundly powerful business woman; she is also deeply spiritual and knows the value of the sacred ancient pathways of wisdom.  What we discovered through our work together is that the wounding from her youth embedded a mental program that it was not safe to be authentic.  This mental program had a huge impact on her self image as she always felt that to be pretty, she needed to look, dress, behave and speak in a way that didn’t always reflect her truest self.  So we went to work in sacredly calling in her authenticity and anchoring that true essence into her whole being.

Katie loves her day-to-day casual rural lifestyle.  She also enjoys getting spiffed up when she is working with clients.  She enjoys the beauty rituals and the contrast of hair, makeup and dressing up to her casual daily comfort.  Prior to our work together when Katie had to travel to chic, cosmopolitan cities, her triggers were amplified and she found herself compulsively obsessing about appearing as beautifully youthful as possible.  In fact, her mental chatter had overtaken her intellectual sense and she found herself more made up and dressed up than what was really comfortable, causing her to critically judge herself, spawning a downward spiral of poor self image and abusive self talk.  Although she carried out her client meetings successfully, inside, she was a hot mess.

Fast forward to Katie’s meeting in LA where her diligence in healing herself paid off.  As she prepared for her travel, she packed clothing that genuinely made her feel beautiful without concern for what might be fashionably trending in Southern California.  It wasn’t country bumpkin attire, but it wasn’t over the top sexy which in the past, was part of her MO trying to uplift the poor self image.  She applied her makeup in a way that really suited her instead of gooping on too much, which never looks good.  Most importantly, she packed her authenticity.  She vowed to be herself no matter what.  She focused on her inner beauty, her natural skills and talents and her newfound sense of safety in being honest and authentic…always, in all ways.

Throughout her expedition Katie felt uplifted, light and full of joy, gratitude and love.  These delightful sensations were like a boomerang that brought into her experience even more.  Challenges arose, but she was empowered to overcome peacefully, and she did.  Her business meeting went so well that her client introduced her to some friends and business colleagues and she soon found herself booking three more unanticipated meetings before she went back home that proved extremely lucrative.

But the real nugget of confirmation in Katie’s healing came from a chance encounter with a total stranger.  Katie and her business partner Brian were catching a cab together back to the airport to head home when the cabdriver began to apologize profusely.  At first she was puzzled, and both she and Brian looked at each other with confused expressions, telepathically saying to each other “what is going on?”  Then the cab driver went on to explain that he was apologizing for staring, but that he thought she was the most stunningly beautiful woman he had ever seen.  He went on to remark how in a town filled with fakeness, she stood out above everyone because her authenticity and inner beauty radiated outward in a way that surrounded her in an aura of exquisite gorgeousness.  She was a bit taken aback by his remarks, but she knew this was Spirit’s way of confirming that she had healed what she had struggled to believe for herself.  Her business partner smiled and jokingly said to the driver “how do you know I’m not her husband?”  The driver replied “I mean no disrespect; I simply had to tell this beautiful woman how amazing she is to be out here as a role model for other woman who are afraid to be who they truly are.”  WHOA!  Brian just chuckled, and of course he did not really understand the depth of that response, but Katie did.

In the days, weeks, and months following Katie’s excursion to Los Angeles, she could really feel authentic confidence sink deeply into her being.  Our work together had culminated in this profound, integrative experience that solidified the deep processing that Katie had the courage to work through.  True healing works within the earth realm, in the real world, in our every-day life.  It affects how we feel as a human and anchors our soul deep within our physical being so that we walk our journey synchronized, awake, and living life to our fullest human potential as a result of our deep spiritual connection.  Healing raises our vibration, but it does not lift us away from life’s experiences, for they are necessary in the evolution of our soul.  Enlightenment is not about becoming so spiritually “pure” that we live in joy and love 24/7, for that is not our design.  Enlightenment is about understanding that the polarity of life is a vitally important component in our relationship with the Divine.

I hope that you can take away some juicy tid bits from Katie’s story and apply it to your life and your spiritual journey.   And when you are in the LA area, be sure to ride in a cab.  You never know when you might get the driver who lets angels speak through him.

In Rhythm & Harmony,



Honoring Your Hidden Sorrow

820a387380040042e17a724a590d899fYesterday morning I had one of those poignantly vivid dreams where you awaken completely awash in the emotions felt within the dream.  In fact, there was a double wake up, I dreamt that I woke up, and then actually woke up.  The dream itself took me back 24+ years to a very difficult time in my life.  I was 18, had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years and was about to find out I was pregnant.  It was a heart-wrenching time for me in so many ways, and the whole story in and of itself would make a spellbinding novel.  To thicken the plot of that story I must share that after a 20 year separation, that boyfriend and I got back together almost 4 years ago and are very much in love.  But apparently I had deeply repressed and submerged some of that heartache as I soon found myself uncontrollably sobbing at 4:30 in the morning.

I know mercury is in retrograde right now, which often invites us to reach behind and look at unfinished business, but that must be a heck of a powerful retrograde to take one back almost two and a half decades!  As much as I would have loved to sleep some more and not deal with swollen eyes the rest of the day, my wisdom encouraged me to allow the processing to unfold and explore my feelings in the space of darkness.  And so, I greeted the dawn.  The sweet dewy scent of the hillside’s wild grasses and the approaching light elicited a calming sensation as I knew daybreak would help lessen the discomfort and eventually transform the energy.  Once morning officially arrived, I had to get ready to catch a flight up to San Jose for an event I was facilitating that afternoon.  And though there was no time to linger in sadness, I found myself moving through the day reverently, with a sense of peace and serenity that was most welcomed.

I am sharing all of this with you because this experience holds the opportunity to serve as an important reminder and offer wisdom that applies to everyone.  We all have buried sorrow from traumas, both big and small.  At some point in our lives, perhaps repeatedly, that sorrow will bubble to the surface.  And when it does, will you allow the processing to proceed or will you shove it all back down because it is unconformable or inconvenient?

Our psyches don’t have a sense of time or space.  They just are.  And like it or not, the psyche is the operating system of the conscious mind.  So that buried sorrow from old traumas (even not so old) is rolling around in there projecting fear of the trauma reoccurring and creating thoughts of fear as avoidance.  For example, even though my current relationship with Luis is healthy, and I know him to be one of the most loyal persons I have ever met, it wasn’t so healthy back in the day, and he wasn’t so loyal.  We were kids and we both had a lot of growing up to do.  And we did for 20 years.  But being with him again, even after almost 4 years of a committed, loving relationship, those old traumas from our past have planted these seeds in my psyche of history repeating itself.  Again, intellectually I know this won’t happen, but the operating system has a virus – the unprocessed sorrow!

So when the dream occurred, and in that darkened moment where my wisdom was not clouded by daylight and distractions, even though my intellect said “girl, go back to sleep,” my wisdom said, “beloved, here’s your chance to feel that old pain you’ve avoided so you can release it back to its origin.”  And this is the beauty of the human psyche, as complex as it is, it is paradoxically simple; because of the lack of time and space, we can process that old garbage and effectively remove the virus from the operating system.

Now this is not necessarily an instant fix.  Although processing those old wounds can be quick, it often takes some time to thoroughly shift.  But the intensity of it all fades after the initial reemergence.  You just have to be willing to greet the sorrow.  Freedom and forward motion will follow along with a clear view of pathways to higher desires.

Sometimes all the spiritual tools we have tucked away in our tool bag to deal with sorrow and grief, be it old or new, can only take us so far.  The truth is we are not humans seeking a spiritual experience, but rather a Spirit seeking human experience.  We are here in human form for a reason, and our emotions and traumas are all part of the matrix.  Enlightenment from this perspective is about anchoring our soul into the earth realm as our Spirit intended at birth, and synchronizing soul with body.  True spiritual evolution happens when we allow ourselves to be the human we came here to be.

Don’t be afraid to seek the help of a dear friend, a sacred community, or a trusted healer/counselor.  Part of the process is to share through speaking to someone, writing in a journal, expressing through art or music or all of the above!  The whole idea is to honor the sorrow so that it no longer needs to be running around in your psyche creating havoc, often unconsciously, trying to get your attention.

Blessings to you upon your sacred journey!


When Positive Thinking Isn’t Helpful

For this week’s Wisdom Wednesday, I want to share an awesome post on a powerful subject that I’m very passionate about. On a spiritual path, and within a spiritual community there is a lot of positive talk, which is so incredibly valuable in its place. But there is often not enough space or opportunity to express our innate darkness, and this is where we can wind up in a downward spiral of unnecessary self judgment. We are here as a spiritual being in human form for a reason. The dark and the light within us both serve a very necessary purpose. As we evolve along our path, the goal is not so much to acquire some ascended level of enlightenment but rather to experience as much of our human selves as possible and transform those experiences into real life growth; growth that serves us in our every day life, in our work, with our families, in our communities rather than some sort of spiritual brownie button that we don as though we have graduated into the next level of spirituality, or even worse, spiritual superiority. So go grab a cup of something delicious, settle back and enjoy the read!

Mommy Mystic

“I try so hard to stay positive and be grateful, but I just keep falling into these despairing thoughts. I know this is why I keep getting sick.”

I recently heard this from someone I was working privately with and it really broke my heart. This is a woman who has worked for many years in therapy to overcome feelings of unworthiness and shame stemming from having been sexually abused as a child. She has made great strides, and has been exploring energy work as a way to continue and deepen her healing. Her journey has led her to many valuable teachings that have helped her to shift her thoughts towards the positive, and to manifest more love and beauty in her life.

But now, she felt she had hit a wall, and it was sending her back into feelings of self-blame. She blamed herself for not being positive enough…

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