with Melinda Rodriguez

The Dream

I have been on an incredible journey of learning and teaching in the fields of Spirituality, Healing and Personal Growth for well over a decade.  A few years into this journey I began drumming and fell passionately in love with rhythm and the transformational healing power that drumming played in my life personally.  Just at the point where I was beginning to connect the dots and formulating the awareness that somehow rhythm was an important component to what I was teaching others – I had an incredible, visceral, unforgettable dream one evening.  I was in the habit of recording my dreams first thing in the morning before they left my memory, and this is what I recorded: 

As I approached what appeared to be an ancient, adobe type structure, I could hear the deep, primal beat of drums coming from within.  As I entered, I felt a sensation of coming home, as if I was so familiar, and so comfortable with this space, yet I couldn’t recall being there before.  I embraced the adventure and wandered through this sacred place, listening to the sacred rhythms and feeling so connected to Spirit.  There were several rooms within this building, but the rooms were surrounded by only three walls instead of four.  Where the fourth wall would be was an open space into the outdoors.  The rooms contained a wealth of beautiful Indigenous artifacts.  There were colorful baskets, frame drums, pipes, shields, masks, blankets and feathered fans carefully placed on walls, shelves and the floor all throughout each room.  It was a visual feast that took time to take in and savor.  I slowly made my way from room to room in ceremony to the beat of the drum, honoring the beauty of each item I witnessed.  As I approached one room, I could hear chanting of some sort.  It was not a language I understood, yet it had that same familiar feeling.  I entered the room, and there was a group of Indigenous Elders of various ethnicities sitting in a circle.  They deliberately did not acknowledge my presence even though I knew that they knew I was there.  One of the Elders, an African man, looked up at me, and with his eyes only, invited me to sit in the empty space next to him.  I took a seat within this sacred circle and the next thing I knew, I was chanting with the Elders.  Although I did not cognitively understand what I was chanting, I seemed to know how to sing and pronounce the sounds.  I could still hear the drums in the distance, and the chanting integrated and synchronized with the rhythm.

After sitting and chanting with this council of sacred beings, the gentleman that invited me to be seated got up and left the circle.  I looked up at him as he was exiting the room and he looked back at me with those same inviting eyes, indicating that I should accompany him, so I did.  We walked down a hallway where there were more artifacts hanging on the wall.  We seemed to be getting closer to the drums.  As we neared the sounds of sacred rhythm, I could also hear a didgeridoo being played with the drums.  The African Elder and I walked in silence as we approached the music.  My entire being was filled with healing rhythm.  In an open, outdoor garden space, in the center of this ancient adobe building, there were dozens of people, from all different cultural backgrounds, all making music together.  Some where playing various types of drums, some were playing different instruments; others where dancing, some where chanting, one person was playing the didgeridoo, but everyone was participating.  The Elder looked over at me and finally spoke.  He said “You must make music.  Everyone must make music to heal.  You must bring the music to the people; be the bridge from the ancient cultures to contemporary societies and teach the people to make music.  Then, the people will heal their body and mind, and the body and mind of the Great Mother.”  He continued to speak to me about the power of rhythm and sacred ritual and the need for people to return to community.  I awakened from this dream, retaining every memory of every moment.  My journey towards my purpose was unveiled.   

I have never forgotten that dream.  It has fueled my continued connection to rhythm and the importance of rhythm and drumming in my work.  At the time of this dream, I was just learning about drumming in various forms and with several different types of drums such as the Native American frame drum, the West African Djembe, and the Middle Eastern Dumbek.  I was taking classes, going to drum circles and eventually went on to lead my own drum circles.  Soon thereafter I was invited to work with Drum Café which uses African drumming as a medium for corporate team building.  In addition to my spiritual teaching, healing and consulting, I’ve been working with Drum Cafe now for over eight years, with over 300 gigs under my belt, watching audience after audience, person after person have their own profound experience and awakening through the miracles of the drum.

My work in both the spiritual realm and the team building realm has evolved continuously and continues to grow and morph as the world shifts and changes.  Even though they are separate areas of work for me, they are extraordinarily connected and sewn together through the common thread of primal needs that every human has encoded within their DNA.  I incorporate rhythm and ritual into my spiritual teachings and I weave subtle, spiritual, universal truths into the corporate team building.  At the root of it all is the synchronization of body and soul, which is so vitally important to enlightened evolution on this planet.  I have heeded the task that was given to me by that Elder, and will continue to do so for as long as I breathe.  The beauty of it all is that I deeply enjoy all of the work I do.

Do you know what your purpose is?  Have there been defining moments in your life that have made your pathway of wisdom abundantly clear?  If you’re not sure, take some time to look deep within.  I know Spirit has positioned clues upon your journey; the question is, are you paying attention?

In Rhythm & Harmony,



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  1. Anonymous said:

    I too turn to music to heal !!!!!!!!!!!!

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