with Melinda Rodriguez

What sorts of images come to mind when you hear the word “wilderness?”  Is it a lush forest untouched by man?  Is it a jungle inhabited by unknown animals of which you have never seen?  Maybe it is more local than that and as simple as a nearby nature trail.  What about the word “wild?”  What does wild mean to you?

sacredwomanbeach (2)We are all born wild.  We know nothing but instinct at the moment we enter this world.  These instincts stay in tact for months, even years until slowly the civilized world begins to erode away the wilderness of our psyche.  But no matter the manners we are taught, or the education we pursue, or the expense of the clothing, cars, and fine houses we perceive as necessary, there is a wild autonomy that our body retains from the moment we were conceived through the last breath we take.

Civilized ideals and conformist medicine may temporarily quiet and quell this biological wilderness, but should we awaken to the diseased consciousness of modern technology and misguided conventional interventions, our wild woman (or man) will unapologetically reemerge and begin to remember its nature and organic sovereignty.  Due to the evolution of contemporary culture, it is the wild woman who more often lives in the shadows, for the wild man is more readily accepted and even celebrated.  Men also have less outwardly obvious biological activity, so there is less to “quiet” by convention.  But women, well we are a biological force to be reckoned with and should we unleash the wilderwoman within, our bodies magnificently respond and deep healing for the whole being ensues.

The “wild” that I speak of is not necessarily an unruly, ferocious, uncultivated characteristic, although it can take on those mannerisms when necessary.  Every synonym that is connected to wild is accurate and applicable.  However, I am referencing the natural wisdom that once dwelled within our psyche and still, quite powerfully, is the very fiber that makes up our physical body.  We women, we bleed, we birth, we cry, we love, we nurture, we fight we are complicated, yet once the veil of conventional cover up and cultural insistences are removed and rejected, there is actually a beautiful simplicity to the female creature.  This is the wild woman I’m talking about and who Clarisa Pinkola Estes so beautifully wrote about in her epic best seller “Women Who Run With The Wolves.”

When we stop resisting and dishonoring the organic beauty of our wild nature and stop buying into the lies that conventional culture, media and medicine are spewing our way, we have the power to release a great deal of suffering and surrender to an enormous force of healing and harmony.  When we stop plugging up the blood, being repulsed by it and ingesting artificial substances to control its presence, we heal.  When we remember our bodies were made to birth without the need of a hospital or medical intervention (in most cases), we heal.  When we stop listening to the surgery hungry, pill pushing doctors that try and silence our wild woman, we heal.  When we turn to our kitchens for medicinal support, we heal.  When we tune into the earth and recognize our connection, we heal.  When we listen to the plants and discover their ability to correct disruptions in our body, we heal.  These acts of healing dear sisters, and brothers, is how we access the wisdom of the wild; the wilderness of our being.

It is time to stop silencing our wild nature and instead turn those silencing skills onto culture and conventional medicine.  Every step we take to embrace the wilderwoman is an invitation to our daughters and sons to reject the criticisms of culture and own their power of wild.  Every day that you honor your authentic self, your earthly biology, your wilderness, you are creating a movement, a shift in the planetary consciousness.  Every time you listen to your body, treat it with the very substance it is made of and allow the nature of your biology to blossom, you become your own medical insurance.  Health care becomes unnecessary when we treat the root of our dis ease with the roots of the earth.  Our bodies have their own wisdom and know how to heal.  When we unleash our wilderness our psyches, our bodies, and our spirit dwell in a state of harmony and wellness.

902a3fda39e50243dfd2af9caa6283b7 (2)As you welcome spring and all that is bursting forth in your life, it is the perfect time to rock your inner wild child.  Let her come forth and awaken your wilderness.  Put your bare feet upon the earth, smell the flowers blooming, feel the breeze upon your face and let nature remind you of who you truly are.  Let the sacred earth that surrounds you uncover the natural beauty that is you and the wild tendencies that are thirsting to be liberated.  Step by step be bold and chuck the conventional nonsense that attempts to cover up who you are in an effort to sell you something.

Be free.  Be you.  Unleash the wisdom of the wild exquisiteness that you are.


With Love,



Comments on: "The Wisdom Of Wild" (2)

  1. maybe you d be interested in reading about Rousseau on “noble savage”

    • Indeed Jigdood, I think I would find it interesting after doing a little research on him and the essay. It is unfortunate that his ideas on education weren’t more influential to our schools today – minimizing book learning, focus on emotional intelligence and experiential learning. Thanks for pointing him out to me.

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