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Land of the Free???

I have something I need to get off my chest. It’s a bit of a rant and may be seen as radical and possibly even offensive to some. But it’s how I feel right now. I’m posting here because I hope to connect with others and brainstorm real solutions. So here it goes…

I’m having some trouble with this whole notion of “land of the free.” Free? How am I free Imagewhen I don’t have the freedom to know what is in my food? MY government has the right to see me naked before I can get on a plane but I can’t make MY government be honest about my food and the fact that they tamper with it, taking a perfectly healthy, natural specimen and change it into a toxin for their own gain! WTF!? This whole country is so damn anti-terrorist that they are blind to the real terrorists – the people who poison our food, poison our water, and poison the air we breathe! Seriously, how is the guy who straps a bomb on his chest and gets into a bus any different that the guy that sprays the air with toxins leaving a chem trail? Both are killing people, including themselves. How is the guy that flies into a building any different than the guy who fills my water full of fluoride, chlorine, jet fuel and other toxins? Both are killing people. And yes, JET FUEL! I spoke with a water company guy just a few months ago that said a certain jet company dumped a bunch of jet fuel into the ground and it leached into the water table necessitating the water company clean it up. Well what the hell do you think they cleaned it up with? Another equally damaging chemical!

I think the blindness to the real terrorists is intentional. Like we are a bunch of idiots…well some of us are because we are stupid enough to think “no, not my government.” Do the research. Don’t take my crazy rant as truth. Know who the real terrorists are in this country. It makes perfect sense…”lets keep them sick and dying as it feeds the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Lets keep them sick and dying because it also keeps them stupid with mouths closed so we can keep doing what we are doing.”

Seriously, because I’m not forced to wear a burka I’m some how considered free? I’d rather wear a burka and have clean food to eat, clean water to drink and clean air to breath. Other countries far less powerful or even less evolved than this one are cleaning up their act. Why do we sit back and let this happen? Who are these people that think they have the right to genetically modify MY food? Who are these people that think they have the right to pump MY water full of toxins? Who are these people who feel it is ok to spray the air full of poison?

Once upon a time the very land that I currently live on was inhabited by indigenous people that were healthy and abundant. They didn’t even need to farm the land for it provided everything they needed naturally. Yes they worked hard to obtain their food but they weren’t forced to work 40 hour weeks on top of taking care of their families just to be able to pay a ridiculous mortgage and put food on the table. They lived in harmony with nature. They lived aware that THEY were nature, not just a part of it, but inherently nature. All of that awareness and downright common sense has been educated and churched right out of us.

Now I’m not saying I want to give up all of the modern amenities I have come to enjoy, but there is a happy medium; there is a blending of the old and the new that can happen and save our sickly nation from imploding onto itself. I know that I may not see a total turn around in my lifetime. I accept that. But before I leave this planet, I MUST somehow get the ball rolling. I want to leave a legacy of balance, harmony, and a return to our inherent common sense that KNOWS the real way.

I have no freaking clue where to begin. But I will figure it out. And no it’s not about a stinking letter or email or call to someone in the white house. Those that find that useful are so adorable, but A) the white house won’t help because it’s their pockets at risk and B) that’s old thinking. No, I’m talking Erin Brockovich kind of strategies here that implement real change.

Lastly, I completely understand that I can grow my own garden, install a water filtration system and wear a gas mask. Yeah, that’s reasonable! . I already plan on growing a garden but the seeds are proprietary! I don’t have the budget to install the kind of water filtration system that could even begin to filter out the garbage in my water. And, I’m far to vein to wear a gas mask or stay inside and breathe fake air. I want solutions that anyone could access. Most people have to work full-time while they raise their family just to make ends meet which leaves little time to manage all of the effort that is currently required to eat and drink clean, or it is simply out of reach all together due to cost. I know some of you are so cleaver and have come up with some fantastic solutions. They need to be publicized more! I actually pray over my food as I prepare it and my water. I pray to the earth and bless it with healing. Dr. Masaru Emoto gave us great inspiration with how to affect molecules. But what about those that don’t know about Dr. Emoto? What about the bees lying all over the ground dead due to pesticides? I will continue praying and doing ceremony but plain and simple we must stop polluting our planet! Its time to effect the kind of change that leads to us reclaiming our power and mandating that these people leaving our food, water and air alone!

Ok, stepping off the soap box now. If you’ve read all the way to here, you’re either pissed off at me, or the truth I’m expressing. What are your thoughts? Do you have suggestions for solutions?

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