with Melinda Rodriguez

In the Native American tradition and some Shamanic traditions, the term Medicine does not necessarily refer to a pill or healing elixir.  Rather it encompasses anything that brings personal power, understanding and healing to the body, mind and Spirit.  This is often a specific trait associated with an animal, insect, plant or human.  Certain experiences can also be considered Medicine as they bring about healing and wisdom.

As we walk our human path upon Mother Earth, we each carry our own personal Medicine.  This is a gift that we are born with and part of our life’s mission is to discover this power and share it.  When we are utilizing our Medicine we are aligned with the harmony of the Universe and following the blueprint for our Divine life purpose.

In times like we are experiencing now, where uncertainty seems to surround us, knowing and living our personal Medicine can be a grounding, unwavering force that acts as a compass to guide us along our journey.  When we know who we are, why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing, we have an essential road map that always steers us in the right direction.  As issues arise and we are faced with decision, we can always ask ourselves “What will align me with my mission? Will the actions I take bring me closer to or further away from my life purpose?”

Whether I am in front of 500 sales executives, certification students, drum circle participants, or individuals who come to me for personal guidance, my Medicine, the very essence I bring remains the same – and that is to empower, inspire and transform.  If I ever feel nervous, or question my ability, I bring myself back to my personal Medicine and how I can serve those whom I am working with.  This formula ensures the most favorable outcome for all involved.

After more than a decade working with groups and individuals to help them tap into their personal power, their own Sacred Medicine, I know that it is always an evolutionary process and a regular practice.  We don’t just wake up one day and KNOW everything.  Learning how to listen and answer to that inner Wisdom is crucial.  Aligning ourselves with the rhythm and balance of nature will always restore harmony and guide us how to show up today, because the future is still being written.

It is the harmony of nature that can also help us to integrate the pain of the past into the power of our present.  In fact, our life’s trials and tribulations are the very stepping stones to our mission.  The lessons we came into this existence with laid the perfect foundation for learning.  The challenge then is how to utilize those lessons.  Knowing your Medicine and how to work with it will illuminate the answers you seek.  All you need to do is be willing to pursue the support and guidance to facilitate your pathway of discovery.

Once you are on that pathway, the world opens up to you and the laws of attraction work in your favor.  You are projecting the very energy you desire and the Universe responds in abundance.  The life you have created reflects your trust in your Medicine and the deep love you give and receive.  You are writing your own script for your future and it is a magnificent exhibition of joy, possibility, success, passion and purpose.  Go within, deep within and listen with your heart.  There you will hear the whisper of Spirit, illuminating your own personal Medicine.  The rest is up to you.  Trust in what makes your heart sing.

In Rhythm & Harmony…


Comments on: "What is your medicine?" (4)

  1. Wonderful post Melinda, and I really appreciated your comment on my last post as well. I love connecting with this idea of my personal medicine, I had not thought in that way before. But I do think in terms of a personal emanation that we each are in terms of our energy bodies- that we are each a prism that refracts the light in a unique way. So this resonates with me on that level. Nice to ‘meet’ you. – Lisa

    • Yes! Our medicine is that prism of light that we reflect in the world. Often, others are aware of our medicine before we are. In Native and Shamanic cultures healers have “medicine” names that are given to them by the elders of that tradition. This helps the healer to integrate and embody that prism of light so that they are clear on their gifts. Very nice to “meet” you as well! I look forward to connecting further.

  2. I see that we are of kindred nature. I have pursued, studied and researched all manner of spiritual concepts, practices and belief systems the majority of my life. The reason for this is that within the context of my family and the mainstream world, I always knew I was different. Not different in a bad way, mind you; just different compared to that mythical “mainstream”. As an adult, I recognize that most likely every single person walking the earth feels set apart and different from the “norm”, but in respect to who I am, I definitely resonate with a very different energy. I am delighted when I meet someone of similar energy, so I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog.

    My Medicine is writing and healing. My blog is built around this concept and it continues to grow and evolve in ways that I find endlessly fascinating. Finding the positives, focusing on projecting a sense of calm and peace, those are immediate goals. The beauty of the process is that words written and spoken take on a new life of their own as they are read or heard by different souls. I like that perpetuating cycle.



    • Yes…kindred in deed! I thought the same thing in reading your blog. Your right, your medicine is certainly the healing art of writing. How wonderful to have that awareness. I can so relate too you about being different than mainstream. I knew that at a very young age and learned to conceal my medicine so as to fit in. But my medicine kept knocking on my door until I finally accepted it. I do find however that our medicine evolves as we evolve and although there is a fundamental aspect that remains the same, sometimes the medium shifts. Very nice to connect with you Dawn!

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